Frequently Asked Tenant Questions

What happens if I need to terminate my lease early?

We do understand that sometimes life will cause you to need to end your lease before the expiration date. This does cause the owner significant costs and it’s our goal to minimize everyone’s costs & expenses. Paragraph 28 on pages 12 & 13 of your lease go over the details of early termination. For more information, click here.

How do I schedule a maintenance request?

Please visit our website at and access your tenant portal to submit any maintenance requests. While we’re happy to talk with you on the phone, we will ask you to submit any and all maintenance requests online at

How quickly will you schedule repairs?

We will schedule repairs as quickly as is reasonable. We take emergency repairs very seriously and we highly prioritize them. Some repairs are not as critical, and we handle those as quickly as is reasonable. (For example, if something doesn’t work, but it’s not causing real discomfort to the tenant.) Any time we prioritize a repair, we think about how quickly we would expect it to be fixed in our own home and we treat the repair as if it were broken in our own home.

How do you handle emergency repairs?

We take emergency repairs very seriously and make every attempt to dispatch a vendor the same day. We are able to dispatch a vendor for an emergency repair most of the time, but it’s not always possible. (For example, if we’re notified of the repair late in the day or if it’s the first “hot day” of the year, during which HVAC techs are really busy.) With rare exceptions, we are almost always able to dispatch a vendor for an emergency repair no later than the following day.

What will you repair?

We will repair anything you request us to repair. Some repairs are billed to the landlord and some are billed to the tenant.

What repairs does the landlord pay for?

The landlord will pay to repair anything that worked at move in that no longer works (with a few exceptions) that tenant didn’t cause the item to break. Air conditioners, water heaters, & leaking faucets or toilets are common repairs the landlord pays for. Please see Paragraph 18.D of your lease for more information.

What repairs does the tenant pay for?

Tenants pay for any damages caused by themselves or a guest. (A clogged garbage disposal, a clogged toilet, & burnt out light bulbs are common repairs that tenants pay for.) A tenant is responsible to pay for any repairs they’ve requested that are an improvement to a property. Tenants are responsible for any trip charges for unnecessary repairs. (For example, if a tenant says something is broken & it isn’t really broken.) Please see Paragraph 18.D of your lease for more information.

What does the tenant have to do to maintain the property?

Common items are lawn maintenance, replacing batteries, replacing light bulbs, & replacing HVAC air filters. If a tenant doesn’t regularly change HVAC air filters, we will bill the tenant for any repairs caused by the lack of maintenance. A full list of tenant required maintenance is found on Paragraph 17 of the lease (page 8 & 9.) Please see Paragraph 17.A of your lease for more information.

If I decide not to renew my lease, what do I need to do?

If you decide not to renew, we will be sorry to see you go, but we will wish you the best and work to make the move out as smooth a transition as possible. Your lease will require at least a 30 day notice to vacate (our newer leases require 60) and we generally ask for at least 60-75 days notice. You can provide notice through email. If we get closer to the 60-75 day deadline, we will send you a form that, if you don’t sign, means that you’ve told us you’re not renewing. It’s very important to understand that we will begin showing your property to new tenants 30-45 days prior to your lease expiration (UT properties are an exception and are shown on the pre-lease schedule.) This can be referenced on Paragraph 4 of your lease, which is on page 1 and page 2.

How are showings scheduled?

Leasing agents will notify you of showings through a showing service called CSS. You do not need to confirm appointments. Leasing agents will generally give you 1 hour’s notice to show and they will be scheduled between 9am and 7pm. You will have an electronic lockbox that only licensed real estate agents can access through a secure app with the agent’s unique PIN code. This can be referenced on Paragraph 14 of your lease, which is on page 6 & 7.

What if I don’t want a lockbox on the property?

Your lease dictates that you can have the lockbox removed for some sum of money. This is generally one month’s rent and is used to reimburse the landlord for the lost time on market. This can be referenced on Paragraph 14.D of your lease, which is on page 6 & 7.

What if I have pets? How does this affect showings?

You will need to make sure that your pets are secure during showings. They can not roam freely indoors or outdoors while the property is being shown. If you do not have a flexible job that allows you to come home to secure your pets, you will need to either find a place for them while you’re away or you will need to secure them before leaving for work. This can be referenced on Paragraph D of your Pet Addendum, which is on page 2.

What if a tenant disagrees with property management or the owner?

We will always refer to the lease to settle any disputes. If a tenant disagrees with our interpretation, we recommend a tenant contact anyone who can help them interpret the lease. The Austin Tenants Council is a good free resource and any reasonable attorney can help a tenant interpret the lease.