Treaty Oak was founded by a local custom home builder & a local real estate broker with 25+ combined years of experience in the Austin real estate market, and who both actively invest in Austin. We focus on effective & replicable processes that maximize efficiency and minimize vacancy and unnecessary maintenance.

Our Philosophy

Our duty is to act in the best interest of our clients, the landlords/investors. In order to accomplish this goal, we focus on the following:

  • Maximizing occupancy & rent roll.
  • Maximizing tenant retention.
  • Performing preventative maintenance to prolong each property’s usable life without major repairs.
  • Minimizing unnecessary maintenance.
  • Maintaining open communication & records with our landlords while minimizing unnecessary/frivolous communication.

We require that all rent be paid online and that any repair requests be submitted online. This facilitates open & transparent communication that we can always reference. There is never a question of when rent was paid or when and what scope of a repair request was submitted. We provide monthly statements to our landlords each month w/ an ACH transfer (at no charge) to our landlords’ bank accounts. This paper trail is an invaluable tool for all parties involved.

Since it’s in our clients’ best interest to maximize occupancy & tenant retention, we take our tenants’ needs & concerns very seriously & act swiftly. We have a large number of vendors with whom we’ve worked with for years who we employ to maintain our properties. While Texas law considers 7 days a reasonable time period to remedy any repair request, we generally handle any request within 2-3 days, and often sooner. We use these same vendors for make-readies at every move-out and we preventatively maintain each property with maximum ROI in mind.

We’re strong believers in the Pareto Principle as it applies to unnecessary maintenance. Unnecessary maintenance originates from a small percentage of tenants’ unrealistic expectations with regards to property condition & landlord responsibility. We’ve found that, by setting appropriate expectations up front, and by strictly adhering to these expectations, we’re able to minimize unnecessary maintenance requests. The standard TAR lease very clearly states that repairs to the property must be made expeditiously, as well as which repairs the landlord is financially responsible for, and which repairs the tenant is responsible for. We make sure that any new tenant understands this, and we strictly adhere to these provisions.

At the end of the day, we treat our clients’ properties & money as we would our own. We’re successful when our clients are successful, so your success is our #1 priority. Beyond that, the owners of Treaty Oak Property Managment also use the company & its systems to manage their own properties. We have a vested interest in your success and the success of our systems.