Application & Approval Process

We are excited you are considering a Treaty Oak rental as your future home! Our application fees are Non-Refundable, so please read through the following criteria carefully, and make sure you meet these requirements before applying.
Our standard, non-negotiable lease terms can be found here!
In the event of multiple applications, Treaty Oak Properties will accept the BEST QUALIFIED applicant.
  • Credit 650 minimum credit score for all applicants. No disputes on credit, no foreclosures or bankruptcies in the past 7 years. Credit score of 630-649 will be considered with a double deposit if all other criteria are met.
  • Income 3.5X monthly rent for total household income. If ROOMMATES, each roommate needs to make 2Xs the monthly rental amount. Income of 3X monthly rental amount for a single applicant will be considered with a double deposit if all other criteria are met.
  • Proof of Income: Must be in the form of paystubs or official tax documents from the most recent taxable year ONLY. We do not accept bank or savings account statements as proof of income.
  • Employment: You must have employment (or an income source) in Austin. If you’re working remotely for a company out of state, we need verification of that (a contact at your company is sufficient.)
    You’ll need to provide one of the following:
    1) Most recent paycheck stub from your job at which you will continue to work while in Austin.
    2) An offer letter for a job you’ll work in Austin.
    3) Your last year’s tax returns if you’re self-employed.
  • Criminal No crimes against a person, place, or thing.
  • No evictions or money owed to previous landlords. No outstanding child support debts.
  • Rental History: 2 years of rental history or 2 years proof of timely mortgage payments.
  • Unless stated otherwise in the MLS listing or explicitly in email by a Treaty Oak representative, the property will be leased as-is, in its current condition.
  • GUARANTOR Only considered on a case by case basis. Only considered for students with no rental history. Only one (1) Guarantor per lease. If offered, requirements are the same as above in addition to the Guarantor Income requirement of 7Xs (seven) the monthly rental amount. Proof of income considered only via paystub or Tax documents for the most recent full taxable year.


  • IMPORTANT: If you/your client has a pet, they will also have to apply at Please use this link to apply at, which has a unique identifier attached to our account.
  • Cats and dogs are the only pets allowed. No animals over 35 lbs. Pets must be older than 1 year. No ferrets, birds, rodents, amphibians or reptiles.
  • No aggressive breeds. Aggressive breeds are considered to be: Pit Bull, American Bull Dog, Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Bull Terrier, Chow Chow, Doberman, Wolf Hybrid, Mastiff, English Bull Terrier, Akita, Presa Canario, Bernese, Malamute, Anotolian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Husky, any dog with a biting history and any mixed breed with any of those in this list.
  • Unauthorized pets will be subject to an initial $1000 fee & $100/day thereafter.
  • If pets are approved, there is a $500 per pet deposit.
  • If an applicant does not have a pet at the time of application, but is considering getting one during the lease duration, then, for landlord’s consideration, the applicant(s) must notify management at the time of application of potential plans to later get a pet. If management is not notified at the time of application, then an additional $500 non-refundable pet fee will be required to add a pet to the lease, in addition to the normal, refundable pet deposit(s).


  • MAXIMUM of three roommates.
  • Two of the three roommates need to have a rental history with each other for at least a year.
  • For properties located in an HOA, only TWO roommates with a rental history together or ONE family are allowed.
  • Mid-lease roommate swaps are not permitted. However, during lease renewal, we can assess roommate swap requests on an individual basis. Please note that there is a fee associated with this process, which includes a $250 non-refundable administrative fee along with a $55 application fee per person.


  • A sample lease agreement is available for download here.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all leases expire on the last day of March, April, May, or June. No leases shorter than 12 months. EX: If you sign a lease in OCTOBER 2022, your lease will need to expire in MARCH/APRIL/MAY or JUNE 2024. The MLS “lease term” field is often not accurate because of limitations inherent to this field.
  • Special Provisions:
    A) Upon move out, tenant shall pay the actual cost of professional carpet/floor cleaning work to be arranged by the landlord (no do-it-yourself permitted.)
    B) Keyless (night time) deadbolt to remain unlocked when the tenant is not home to avoid lockouts.
    C) Repair requests must be submitted at
    D) During the last 60 days of the lease, the property will be shown to prospective tenants by licensed Texas real estate agents. Agents will provide tenants with 1 hour notice to show the property and if tenants do not respond, the agent will show the property at the specified time. An electronic lockbox will be installed on the property to facilitate showings.
  • Rent must be paid online at There is no fee for “pay by check” online or tenant can pay an additional fee to pay by credit card.
  • Rent is due on the first and late on the 4th. There is an initial $50 late fee and $25 per day after that.
  • AS-IS: Unless stated otherwise in the MLS listing or explicitly in email by a Treaty Oak representative, the property will be accepted by the tenant as-is, in its current condition. We will not negotiate repairs, improvements, or further cleaning after we have approved an applicant.
  • NOTICE TO VACATE/RENEWAL: There is a minimum 30-day notice to vacate the property. We generally contact the tenants for renewal 6-8 weeks prior to the lease expiration.
  • LOCKBOX: The tenant must allow a lockbox on the property and show the property for lease the last 60 days of their lease. If they would like to remove the lockbox, there is a fee of one month’s rent. We generally will place the lockbox and begin marketing the property 30-40 days prior to lease expiration, but we retain the right to do so at 60 days.
  • EARLY LEASE TERMINATION: 150% of one month’s rent if the tenant or landlord provides the replacement tenant. Read more about that process here:
  • Unless otherwise specified, the tenant is responsible for all utilities.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the tenant must maintain the yard and a watering schedule sufficient to keep a healthy lawn.