FAQ for First Time Landlords

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The purpose of this document is to provide clarity surrounding commonly asked questions by clients who are converting their Home to a safe, income producing Rental Property.

Ring Doorbells/ Security Cameras:

Q: What should I do with Ring/Nest doorbells and security cameras when I move out?

A: We recommend that you take them with you if you wish to keep them. We will remove them before new tenants move in. Tenants are welcome to use their own devices as long as they don't cause any damage or cover the cost of damage at move-out, but as a landlord, we do not provide security cameras for tenants to use.

"Rent-Ready” / Make-Ready Quote:

Q: What occurs when a "rent-ready" make-ready quote is approved?

A: When a "rent-ready" make-ready quote is approved, we will proceed with performing the work on the list, plus anything else that we identify as necessary, after you have removed your belongings and handed over possession of the property to Treaty Oak. Any personal items left in the house will be discarded unless you have specified otherwise. Please make sure to remove all your personal belongings that you wish to keep.

Can you haul off the last of my moving supplies/trash?

Yes! Moving can be stressful. We can haul off items that didn't make it into the moving truck. There is a hauling fee for this, and it varies depending on how much is left at the property.

Nest Thermostats:

You can leave Nest Thermostats, but if they become inoperable, they will be replaced with a Honeywell or other standard base model type Thermostat compatible with your home. Feel free to take the Nest Thermostat with you and have us install a standard model. WiFi controlled home accessories or appliances often create costly issues when owners vacate and cancel WiFi services.

Window Blinds:

We will install or repair any inoperable blinds throughout the property. We consider window blinds to be a privacy feature, as well as a preventative measure taken to deter tenants from drilling in their own window coverings.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems:

We will install or repair any inoperable blinds throughout the property. We consider window blinds to be a privacy feature, as well as a preventative measure taken to deter tenants from drilling in their own window coverings.

  • Please leave these ON, and set appropriately with your local watering schedules and/or watering restrictions.
  • If your irrigation controller is operable by WIFI only, we will replace it with a standard controller so as not to disrupt watering.

House Keys, Garage Remotes & Mailbox Keys:

Q: What should I do with my keys when I move out?

  • A: We will install a combination lockbox on-site and provide you with the location and code details. When you vacate the property, please leave the front door key in the lockbox. If you have garage remotes or mailbox keys, kindly place them in the kitchen drawer nearest to the fridge.
  • NOTE - We will rekey the property after each move-out, including yours! This is a requirement of the Texas Property Code, which we adhere to on your behalf. Additionally, we may be also required to add additional deadbolt locks, security peephole, etc… based on Texas Property Code and specific to your building.

Lawn Maintenance:

Q: Do I need to keep up with lawn maintenance while the property is vacant?

A: We will include the property in our bi-weekly mowing schedule until it's occupied by a tenant, unless you already have a service set up. During vacancy periods only, the lawn maintenance is at your expense. During future vacancy periods, we will coordinate the lawn maintenance on your behalf.


Tree pruning and maintenance are a landlord responsibility. We do not allow important or expensive decisions to be made by tenants. Trees are attended to on an as-needed basis at the owner’s expense.

Vendors and Home Warranty Companies:

Q: Will you work with my home warranty company or the vendors I currently have servicing my house (pest control, HVAC, etc…)?

A: No, we don't work with home warranties as a policy due to their very poor response time and service. Please refer to our FAQ for additional context. We can typically dispatch a repair person the same day, and sometimes the following day if the repair request comes in late. Additionally, we will utilize our list of preferred vendors to perform work when necessary. This allows us to efficiently service your tenants and property without delay.

Property Showings While Occupied:

Q: Is it possible to list the property for rent while we are still living in it?

A: Yes, although properties show better and often lease faster when vacant; we can list the property for rent while you are still occupying the property! It is imperative that we make the showings as convenient as possible for prospective tenants/applicants and their Realtors. We will coordinate a set ‘Showing Schedule’ with you in advance. This will reduce scheduling issues and over communication with leasing agents.

Q: Can I be present during property showings?

A: No, we recommend that you refrain from being present at the property during showings for the best experience for potential renters and to maintain a comfortable viewing environment.

Annual Inspections:

Annual mandatory property inspections occur annually between October 1st and December 1st. These inspections serve multiple purposes, including identifying unreported maintenance issues, starting up the furnace to prevent emergency heater work orders, ensuring compliance with lease agreements, addressing lease violations, providing further guidance on lawn care, and more.

This process is carried out every year. The inspection fee, ranging from $75 to $100, is not a charge from Treaty Oak; we do not profit from your property inspection. The fee is directly allocated to the handyman for covering expenses such as gasoline, time, and labor involved in performing the inspection.


Q: When should I turn off utilities at the property?

A: It's essential to keep all utilities on at the property until we have identified an approved applicant and have a set lease commencement date. This ensures a smooth transition for new tenants and necessary inspections. We will notify you when a tenant has been approved and prompt you for the appropriate disconnection date.

Update Mailing Address Information:

Q: I had packages/mail delivered to the property, can I pick them up from the property?

A: Once you vacate the property, please ensure that you forward ALL mail, packages and recurring subscriptions to the appropriate address. Treaty Oak Properties will not be able to ensure the re-delivery or forwarding of mail or packages.

Security Deposit:

Q: Who holds onto the tenant’s security deposit?

A: Treaty Oak obtains all security and pet deposits from the tenants. Security deposits are not rental income, and as such, belong to the tenant until deposit disposition takes place. We will proceed with the deposit disposition on your behalf, within 30 days of tenant move-out as required per the Texas Property Code.