Preparing a Property for Tenants/Rental per Texas Property Code

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For a complete guide to the Texas Property Code, refer to Texas Property Code Full Guide.

Key Landlord Requirements

Prior to renting your property, understand that requirements vary based on:

  1. General Landlord Obligations
  2. Specific Tenant Requests

For additional details, visit the full list of landlord requirements.

Mandatory Security Measures

Source: Security Devices and Keys

A dwelling must have:

  • Windows: A latch on each exterior window.
  • Doors: A doorknob lock or keyed deadbolt on each exterior door.
  • Sliding Doors: A pin lock and either a handle latch or security bar on sliding glass doors.
  • Viewer: Keyless bolting device and a door viewer on each exterior door.
  • French Doors: One door must meet standard requirements; the other must have bolts as described in the Property Code.

Note: Installation of security devices is at the landlord’s expense. Locks must be changed after each tenant (or homeowner) move-out.

Fire Safety

Source: Smoke Alarms and Fire Safety

  • Smoke Alarms: Must detect visible/invisible combustion, have an audible alarm near bedrooms, and be tested/listed by a reputable company.
  • Installation: Follow local ordinances for electrically operated alarms.
  • Placement: Install in each bedroom, dining/living/sleeping spaces, corridors near bedrooms, and on each level of the unit.
  • Co2 Detector - placed at chest height

Note: For units occupied before September 1, 2011, battery-powered smoke alarms are permissible and need not be interconnected.

Landlord Responsibilities

Source: Landlord's Duty to Repair and Liability

Landlords must adhere to all sections of the Property Code, including repair obligations and liability for tenant safety.

Security Deposits

Source: Handling Security Deposits

Detailed guidelines on the timely accounting and return of security deposits.

Treaty Oak Properties Make-Ready

Beyond Texas Property Code requirements, Treaty Oak Properties Make-Ready baseline requirements includes the following:

  • Professionally cleaned and free of all debris/trash inside and outside
  • Window locks and window blinds (fully operable)
  • No broken window panes
  • Electrical outlets/breakers/fixtures/switches all working properly
  • Plumbing fixtures/shutoffs all working properly
  • HVAC and Furnace serviced and fully operable
  • Paint and Sheetrock in good condition - holes and stains will be patched and painted where necessary. Ceilings free of water stains/cracks/other problems
  • Ceramic Tile in good condition with clean grout and caulk - no cracked or missing tiles
  • Cabinet doors and drawers all operable with functional hardware
  • Towel bars, rings and paper holders secured properly
  • Exterior siding, exterior doors and paint in good condition - holes/rotted wood/gaps all sealed, repaired and painted
  • Yard in maintainable condition and trees/shrubs trimmed off roof and away from property. Dead limbs removed
  • Carpet/Vinyl/Wood - all professionally cleaned and in good condition. If extremely worn, will be replaced